Our Story

Fisherman's Restaurant and Bar

At Fisherman’s Restaurant, our philosophy is all about fresh local ingredients and Thai family traditions, presented with a modern touch.

Founder and Head Chef Khun Thanaporn – known on the island as Lek – was born into a local Baan Tai fishing family, and made his first expedition on a long tail boat when he was just three years old. Starting in 2007, Lek built the restaurant on an idyllic beachfront, using natural materials, and converting his family fishing boats into seating. The unique surroundings, soft lighting, and rustic design create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, which soothes the senses and complements the food perfectly.

With the constant support of his Irish wife Amanda, Lek has succeeded in creating an authentic, unforgettable dining experience. We welcome you to our restaurant to share our passion for food and drinks prepared with utmost honesty, with service and décor to match.